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Uniquely British Gifts in the Heart of Virginia 


Daisy Chain Gifts are very much a family team (husband, wife and Mum) and from the very beginning, our sole aim has been to create affordable yet indulgent handmade soaps, bath products and other fab goodies.

Established in Yorkshire in 2010, we have been focused on sourcing the best products available whilst retaining value for money. All our products are handmade and parabens and SLS-free. Better still, none of our products are tested on animals and our soaps are all free from palm oil. But what does that mean exactly? Well, check out our soap info page for more details.

Since those early days in Yorkshire we have come a long way. We now sell through a retailer in the pretty town of Orange, Virginia, where you will find a wide range of handmade products, including hand-knitted items, silk and wooden florals, handmade greeting cards and unique gifts. We also sell at local markets, and from our home in Orange County.

Can't make it into town? Why not pay a visit to our online store where you will find a selection of gorgeous products; whether you are looking for a fun and funky bar of soap or luxurious high-end toiletries or a  silk floral arrangement for the home, there really is something for everyone. Alternatively you can visit the contact us page and book a house party or fundraiser - let us come to you!

Events, Parties and More

We are always happy to help out at fund raisers and craft fairs and our handmade soaps and greeting cards are always surefire sellers! To find out where we are going to be exhibiting, just check our online calendar! If you can't make it to any of our events, why not hold a party and let us come to you? We have two party options available, just see the party page for details. Plus, we'll even give you a host/ess gift and a generous discount on anything you order!

You could also invite us to exhibit at a suitable community event such as a school fair, Christmas or Spring fair - just get in touch to discuss options!

Coming Soon!

No, it's not Easter all over again, it's our new range of egg soap!

Our girls at home here in Virginia, Milly, Molly, Poppy, Buffy, Brenda, Wanda and Priscilla have been so busy laying lots of yummy free-range eggs that we can't keep up! After eating omelette for dinner yet again, we decided to make egg soap. The addition of eggs to the soap batter makes the lather extra creamy in the shower!

Professional Crafters Guild

In addition to being a Sapphire member of the Professional Crafters Guild, I am proud to be the American Ambassador for the Guild and point-of-contact for our talented USA crafters who are already members or who would like to join. If you'd like more information about the Guild, visit their website www. procraftersguild.com or drop me an email.

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